November Wish List

Special Requests for Clients: These items help with client’s new beginnings for moving into a safe environment.

·       2 Twin Beds

·       1 Queen Bed

·       Pots and Pans

·       Silverware

·       Toaster

·       Microwave

·       Cooking and Serving Utensils

·       Small toolbox with tools, such as a screwdriver and hammer

·       Iron and ironing board

·       Wastebasket

·       Food storage containers

·       Laundry basket

Everyday Items for Clients:

·       Laundry Detergent and laundry baskets

·       Fabric Softener and/or dryer sheets

·       Shampoo and Conditioner (Full Size)

·       Lotion (Full Size)

·       New Beauty Items (Such as nail polish, mascara, etc.)

·       Wal-Mart/K-Mart Gift Cards for Incidentals

·       Maverick Gift Cards for client’s in need of transportation to/from work

·       Get My Ride Punch cards

·       Dish Soap

·       New packaged underwear for men and women

·       New packaged socks for adults

·       Gift cards so clients can purchase shoes

·       Umbrellas

·       Flashlights

Food: Harbor House’s pantry is running low. Any donations help provide services to clients.

·       Cereal

·       Frozen meats: ground beef, chicken breast, sausage, breakfast meets

·       Lunch meats

·       Mac and cheese

·       Sugar

·       Coffee

·       Spaghetti sauce

·       Condiments: ketchup, mustard, mayo

·       Peanut Butter

·       Jam or jelly

·       Cheese (block, shredded or sliced)

·       Pickles

·       Tortillas

·       Fresh Spinach (smaller quantities)

·       Frozen fruits and vegetables

·       Any fresh produce in smaller quantities

Items Needed for Shelter Renovation:

·       26 Twin Size Fitted Sheets (All Solid White)

·       6 Full Size Fitted Sheets (All  Solid White)

·       6 Crib Size Sheet Sets (All Solid White)

·       Paint (Light Brown/Beige)

·       30-40 Towels, Solid Colors (Preferably Teal, Purple, or White)

·       4 Shower Curtains, Solid Colors (Preferably Teal, Purple, or White)

·       Gift Cards to Home Depot or Wal-Mart/K-Mart for renovation incidentals

·       Bathmats for Outside of a Tub

·       15 Twin size Comforters, (Solid Colors preferred, teal, purple or neutrals)

·       5 Full size Comforters, (Solid Colors preferred, teal, purple or neutrals)

·       3 Queen size Comforters, (Solid Colors preferred, teal, purple or neutrals)

·       4 plastic 3-drawer unit (preferably with wheels) for bathrooms

Big Purchase Goals:

·       We are trying to replace the carpet in the shelter and office area to either laminate or carpet

·       New Light Fixtures to be Energy Efficient in Shelter

·       New Stove Hoods in Shelter

·       New 2 dishwashers

·       New 2 stoves

·       New Cupboards and Counters in Shelter

·       Change Old Cast Iron Pipes to PVC Pipes

·       Update Bathrooms in Shelter (update tubs and sinks)

·       Install Hand Rails in Each Shower (4 Showers)

·       Decorative Rock Outside Shelter Instead of Shrubbery

Labor Requests:

·       Help Painting/ Organizing Office Area

·       Help Changing Light Fixtures in Shelter Area (Contracted Electrician)

·       Help fixing plumbing issues (Licensed Plumber)

·       Help fixing sprinkler system

·       Help finishing concrete walkway from shelter to playground

·       Tree Trimming and Removal for Outside of Shelter

·       Landscape Work or decorative rock to help beautify the outside of Harbor House

Harbor House has ever-changing needs. We have received many donations to assist our clients. We will keep our wish list updated so please check our website, or our Facebook page @CADVHarborHouse.