December Wish List

Please note that this month’s wish list has been separated into two categories, one for clients and one for the shelter.

Special Requests for Clients:

·       Pots and Pans

·       Silverware

·       Toaster

·       Microwave

·       New Cooking and Serving Utensils

·       Small toolbox with tools, such as a screwdriver and hammer

·       Iron and ironing board

·       Wastebaskets

·       Food storage containers

·       Flashlights

·       Umbrellas

Everyday Items for Clients:

·       Laundry Detergent and laundry baskets

·       Fabric Softener and/or dryer sheets

·       Shampoo and Conditioner (Full Size)

·       Lotion (Full Size)

·       New Beauty Items (Such as nail polish, mascara, etc.)

·       Wal-Mart/K-Mart Gift Cards for Incidentals

·       Maverick Gift Cards for client’s in need of transportation to/from work

·       Get My Ride Punch cards

·       Dish Soap

·       New packaged underwear for men, women and children

·       New packaged socks for adults and children

·       Gift cards so clients can purchase shoes

·       Umbrellas

·       Flashlights

FOOD: The below items are used the fastest

·       Cereal

·       Bread

·       Frozen meats

·       Sugar

·       Coffee

·       Condiments

·       Peanut butter, jam and jelly

·       Cheese

·       Eggs

·       Any fresh produce in smaller quantities


·       Laundry soap

·       Fabric softener or dryer sheets

·       Dish soap

·       Bleach

·       Hand soap

·       Paper towels

·       Toilet paper

·       Twin, full, queen and crib sheets (white preferred)

·       Towels, solid colors (white preferred)

·       Twin, full, queen comforters (teal, purple or other solid colors preferred)

·       Shower curtains

·       Laundry baskets for bedrooms

·       New high chairs

·       Vacuum cleaner (hose and attachments preferred)


·       Organizing office area

·       Painting rooms in shelter and office

·       Complete concrete walkway from shelter to playground

·       Landscape work inside and outside shelter grounds

·       Changing light fixtures from fluorescent to LED

·       Maintenance on parking lot


·       Replace carpet in office and common areas of shelter

·       New stove hoods in shelter

·       New stoves (2)

·       New dishwashers (2)

·       New cupboards and counters in shelter kitchen

·       New floors in kitchen, bathrooms, dining area

·       New bathtubs (4) in shelter

·       New sinks (6) in shelter and office

·       New toilets (6) in shelter and office

·       New light fixtures for energy efficiency

·       Change cast-iron pipes to PVC