Heidi Lewis
Victim Advocate/ Shelter Coordinator /Outreach Coordinator

As a Victim Advocate, I am here for those who contact us both in crisis and after seeing assistance after a violent episode. I listen to both victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking and work with them to keep their lives moving forward violence free.

I have lived in the Elko area all my life and have seen the domestic violence my friends and family have experienced. I want to make a change in this community even if it is one individual at a time. If I could only chose one thing I have learned from many of my life experiences, it is that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Even so, giving victims the opportunity to leave the situation and get back on their feet is best thing you can do.

As the Shelter Coordinator I help keep up with Harbor House’s needs and keep it organized for the victims and children who stay here. It is also my responsibility to ensure that the pantry and clothing closet are properly stocked. Our organization is proud of Harbor House and I want to insure it is well taken care of for all current and future victims who may stay with us.

To coordinate outreach I have set my goal and focus on getting the word out there and getting the public involved.

I am proud to be part of such an impactful organization as the Elko Committee Against Domestic Violence.

Pam Lansford

I am a Victim Advocate which means I meet with victims in times of crisis either by a phone call from the Crisis Line or victims may come to Harbor House seeking help. I also facilitate the Women’s Support Group once a week; there are different topics discussed each week that are relevant to turning victims into survivors whether they are away from their abusers or are trying to cope with still being in an abusive relationship. As the Legal Advocate I accompany victims to the various hearings they may be required to attend; I also explain how the judicial proceedings work. I also accompany the victims as a means of moral support in case the abuser is there or anyone else who may try to intimidate her. We are fortunate to have a staff and Executive Director that work great together which in turn helps victims receive the very best service we can provide them. I have been with CADV for years; it is the most rewarding career move I have made in the 30+ years I have worked.


Marianne McKown
Executive Director
CADV dba Harbor House
Ex Officio Member
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CADV Legal Advisor
Board Chair
January 2015-April 2016
September 2014-December 2017

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