Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions:

Office and Shelter Maintenance- Cleaning, organizing, painting, furniture moving and assembly, repair and maintenance of interior and exterior of facility and equipment, equipment installation, and landfill runs.

Landscaping- Weeding, mowing, edging, trimming, and planting.

Client Support- Crisis Line, Employment Services: Mock Interviews, Dress for Success, Resume and Application Assistance, Budgeting and Finance Advisement, and Transportation Assistance, or any other service that could help with client’s well-being.

Fundraising- Food Drives, Clothing Drives, Bingo Nights, and CADV Special Event planning: coordination, execution, and assistance.

Contractor Recruitment- Electricians, Plumbers, General Contractors, Flooring Specialist, and Cabinet Makers (Must be bonded and insured.)

Vendor Recruitment- Appliance and Furniture Dealers, Grocery and Fresh Produce Suppliers, Cleaning Product Suppliers, Bed and Bath Suppliers

Branding/Public Outreach & Promotion- Letting people know that CADV and Harbor House are one in the same. Seasonal Promotions: Recruiting fresh fruit and veggies from Backyard gardeners.

Shelter Donations- Coordinates with the Wish list for Shelter needs. Organization, distribution, and inventorying of donations for grant match.

*All Volunteers must be fingerprinted, get a background check, and cannot be convicted of a violent crime or felony. To work directly with clientele, volunteers are required to take a 20 ½ hour online Domestic Violence Training Course.

Click here to download the CADV Volunteer Application.